Our eco and socio responsible approach

Concerned about our ecological impact, the new furniture as well as the bed linen are eco-responsible (sustainably managed forests, French furniture or, failing that, European furniture in order to favor shorter circuits, natural products, washed hemp linen, reuse of old furniture) .

Wishing to support the local economic and social fabric, we opted for solid soaps and shampoos made in the village.

At Clos Dagobert we make it a point of honor that customers eat well. For breakfast we serve local products. Sausages, cheeses, yogurts, jams are produced by hand in the immediate vicinity of our home. Every morning I also add the pastries made by Christophe in the village as well as a chocolate cake, waffles, cookies or pancakes that I make the same morning before you wake up.

I don't do everything myself, especially the jams that I buy directly from small producers because I want to make the local economy work as much as possible.For me, money is made to circulate. By creating my business, I wanted not to remain self-sufficient and to accumulate ""wealth"". What I wanted was to live properly, of course, but also to help support other people around me: producers, bakers, traders, restaurateurs.

We made the choice to create a company that corresponds to our environmental but also human values.

By coming to Clos Dagobert, you encourage this mode of consumption and contribute to the living of an entire region.